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Lightstone House Price Indices May 2019

Current annual inflation rate: remains unchanged at 3.4% (Lightstone). The latest Lightstone House Price Indices report for residential property is now available .

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Lightstone House Price Indices for April 2019

Lightstone House Price Indices for April 2019 (PDF Download)...

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Lightstone examines purchasing trends in Western Cape

The Cape Town Property Market was placed under the spotlight during the recent Cape Town’s Property Buyer’s Show and we provided analyses on the data and trends in this category. Lightstone’s analysis includes ...

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The Lightstone Property Forecast for 2019

Positive Sentiment Reflects Amidst an Uncertain Climate

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House Price Indices - October 2018

National house price inflation index is at 3.77 %. Lightstone's House Price Indices are based on globally accepted statistical principles with broad application in real estate and property finance.

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House Price Indices

Lightstone's House Price Indices are based on globally accepted statistical principles with broad application in real estate and property finance. Lightstone applies a 'repeat sales' methodology as opposed to a general 'average house price' methodology.

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Foreigners continue their pursuit for South African Property

Owing to the increasing positive local sentiment since the start of 2018, foreign ownership in the local property market has experienced an encouraging upsurge. In 2017, Lightstone, the trusted provider of comprehensive data and analytics for the property market, released a foreign investment report which indicated the increased appetite within this buying market.

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My preferred property type for investment purposes

I am often asked what type of residential properties I focus on when I look to invest. The answer for me has been the same since I started investing in property – sectional title townhouses...

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Are you a Goldilocks property investor?

Listening to some potential property investors discuss deals often reminds me of my childhood and my mother reading to me the story of Goldilocks and the three bears...

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Flaws in current retirement thinking and the real estate solution

The biggest mistake most people make is to completely outsource their retirement planning and savings to investment advisors...

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House prices expected to remain stable in 2018

Not many people will argue that the first quarter of 2018 was an uncertain period with the announcement of Jacob Zuma’s resignation ...

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Average bond tenure and trends

Residential property is a worthwhile investment vehicle, providing many young professionals and recently wedded couples with a solid asset to start building their wealth ...

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NEW! Property Blog on Jason Lee

New feature: Property News Blog!!

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Buy Jason Lee's Books

Books sold to date - 96 254


Investing in property can be exceptionally rewarding and lucrative, provided you get it right. The vision behind the creation of this website is to take property investors through every step of the process, including how to find the right deals, how to negotiate and finance a deal, and how to sell properties for financial gain.

I believe there are 8 crucial steps to making money out of property:

  1. Knowledge:
    In the property game knowledge is power
  2. Investment Structures:
    Setting up the correct property investment structure is the most important step in the property investing process
  3. Finding Deals:
    Knowing what deals to find and where to find them is the greatest advantage a property investor could ask for
  4. Assessing Deals:
    Equip yourself with the tools to help you assess which deals to do and which deals not to do
  5. Closing the Deal:
    Learn the art of negotiating and concluding an agreement of sale on your terms
  6. Financing the Deal:
    The deal is only as good as the financial arrangements you procure
  7. Managing your Property Portfolio:
    Know how to successfully manage your property portfolio
  8. Selling your Property:
    Know when, why and how to sell your property

The website explores each of the 8 steps outlined above in detail and offers incredible tools, software, and legal precedents to guide you on your way to success.

All the best!


"I believe that the secret to success in property is to have vision, to see beyond the common things, not to follow what everyone else is doing, and to hold on to your vision until it becomes a reality. The website has been created and designed to help you find your own vision and see it through to reality."

Jason Lee has a BA LLB degree from the University of Cape Town. In recent years Jason has acted as legal and corporate advisor to South African based property financiers, developers, investors and realtors in multi-million rand deals in both South Africa and abroad. Since the publication of his best selling books "Making Money out of Property in South Africa" and "Fast Forward Your Retirement Through Property", Jason has been featured in a number of South African magazines and newspapers and has done guest appearances on Summit TV, SAFM, Metro FM, and Cape Talk.

"My dream is that all South Africans from all walks of life will have the opportunity to read my books and use the information therein to successfully invest in property" - Jason Lee

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My life changed completely!

“You won’t believe what happened to me after I read Jason’s books. My life changed completely! I resigned from my fulltime Job for 25 years and now I’m fulltime property investor. I don’t have words but I sincerely would like to say thank you to Jason. For 25 years, I was sitting in that office for Public Service dreaming about nothing but now after 25 years, I can dream big dreams! Right now I’m in Namibia but I will try my level best to see Jason in person in the near future.” - George Seibeb, Namibia

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Thanks for your valuable inputs

“Hi Jason, guess what? The bank has reconsidered my application for bond finance after writing all that you advised and it is approved. Thanks for your valuable inputs and the will to always share with others your wisdom.” - Pammy

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Great value for money...

“Thank you for writing books that are relevant to the South African market and your website membership is great value for money.” - Nhlanhla Ndlovu

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Absolutely outstanding

“I would like to take this opportunity to complement you on your book 'Fast Forward your Retirement Through Property' - Absolutely outstanding, it contains so much excellent information in a very easy to understand and concise format. It will be my reference on my journey to financial freedom. Congrats” - Henry Hayes, reader

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