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Staging sells

When selling a property, first impressions count. According to the National Association of Realtors in the USA, around 50% of agents say that staged homes sell faster and one in five agents and sellers say that staged homes receive higher offers. So staging makes financial sense.

Being able to visualise a property – how it can be lived in and how furniture will fit into the spaces - is where the magic lies. It provides a sense of scale: what size lounge suit fits well in the living area, or how a queen sized bed looks in the main bedroom.

More importantly, a well furnished home creates an emotional connection and emotions sell properties! Emotionally invested buyers are driven to make a decision and will be inclined to offer a higher price to get what they want.

Staging also makes your property stand out from the rest, particularly if there are many similar properties on offer. Tips for successful staging:
  • Focus on the living room, master bedroom and kitchen as these are high impact areas when staging.
  • Keep wall colours neutral. Light greys, beiges and whites never go out of style and make the room feel larger.
  • Remove clutter. Get rid of all personal items and bric-a-brac as this makes a room look smaller. Free up surface space on shelves, coffee table and the kitchen. Open spaces provide breathing room and accentuate décor items.
  • Make sure the house is spotlessly clean, including windows and doors. Also make sure it’s odour-free, particularly if you have pets.
  • Tackle any small jobs that need repair – leaking taps or cracked walls aren’t appealing to potential buyers.
  • Place furniture so that there’s an easy flow easy flow through the room and it looks balanced.
  • Make sure your accessories are fresh and appealing. An old carpet or tired cushions should be replaced or removed. Pot plants are welcoming and create a lived in feeling as do bathrooms with fresh towels, hand wash and a diffuser.
  • Stage to suit the style of the home style. The interior should complement the property’s age and style so having ultra modern furniture and décor in an older style home, for example, looks out of place. A cohesive feel from outside to inside creates feeling of a bigger space.

The benefits of staging are immense but if you’re unsure on where to start, enlist the help of a professional. It will be money well spent!

Jason’s comments: Staging is absolutely crucial if you want to maximise the selling price of your home. I normally use professional staging companies as they have all the furniture and accessories necessary and the expertise to make the space shine.

In my experience, staging not only helps you reach your asking price or more but also helps to sell the property quicker.

~ Jason Lee