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Testimonials and Reviews


Absolute Gold!

“I am busy reading your book "Retire Rich Through Property" and many of my other questions are being answered as we speak! I have to say that the information in your books and on your site is absolute gold! Looking forward to doing my first deal soon as a newbie(with lots still to learn) but I certainly won’t be ignorant”.
- Dale Holtshousen

Firm Believer!

“Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your books, Making Money out of Property in South Africa and Retire Rich Through Property. I was a firm believer, like many, that one had to have money to invest in property but having worked for a year I have been able to purchase a property by just proving to the bank that I can pay it back. With this deal I was also able to acquire the property at R120 000 less than its fair value by instilling the principles preached in those books. Brilliant.”
- Matipa Modisane

Making a difference!

‘Hi Jason, I bought two books by you and I can tell you that they made a difference in how I do things, the information in your books made me a better me. I've learn a lot from them, thanks....keep writing’
- Sandla Nkaule

Out the Ball Park!

‘Jason Lee hit the ball out the park with this one! This is by far one of the best real estate books I’ve read to date … This book proves why Jason Lee is considered one of South Africa’s real estate gurus and vital for anyone considering investing in property!’
- Lotus Book Blog

Get this book first...

‘If you are a salaried employee, able to get a bond but increasingly frustrated with earnings that do not stretch very far, this offering will definitely be of help. Even if you don't intend investing in property and are simply seeking a home to buy, it's for you. Author Jason Lee shares his experiences and the mistakes made along the path he took to becoming a property investor. So, whether you are signing an offer to purchase, or negotiating a bond rate with a bank, this read could prove handy. And if you do want to take the plunge into making some real money by investing in property, get the book first.’

South African Property Investor Online

‘Making Money out of Property is a book for novice investors. Jason has a legal background and offers some good tips on structuring your offers and leases, and even Pam Golding says she learnt a few new tricks. Jason is also co-founder of a property development company and therefor the book goes beyond the usual “How to Buy and Sell your First Property”-type books that publishers love to waste investors’ time with. The section on investment clubs is fresh material and also in line with one of the five methods of property investing we at SA Property Investor encourage. Jason offers key points on every page for the lazy readers and hot points at the end of every chapter for quick scanning of the main points. I enjoyed it.’
- South African Property Investor website


' I just wanted to say thank you very much, after working for ten years in the property development space, your 3 books have really filled all the missing gaps in my understanding, and I am really energised about my property investing future.'
- Hassan

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book

'This is a clear, well-written and factual perspective on the South African property market. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.'
- Pam Golding

I guarantee that this book will be the best investment you can make!

If you want to make lots of money in property and don't know where to begin, I highly recommend you reserve a few hours to read Jason Lee's book, which offers sound advice and wisdom on all angles of knowledge required to invest in property. I guarantee that this book will be the best investment you can make!'
- Tanya Jovanovski, author and founder of Jovanovski Properties

Well written and clearly presented

'Finally, a book that clearly and concisely helps you to create South African wealth from property, whether you are a virgin investor or an old hand. Well written and clearly presented, this book will help to turn South Africa into a nation of property investors.'
- Tony Vaughan, Managing Director of Media Nova (Pty) Ltd, creators of The Property Magazine

This book makes for good learning.

'Learn the hard lessons before you go into real estate. This book makes for good learning.'
- Mike Greeff, CEO Greeff Properties

For the beginner or the property professional.

'A detailed, insightful and personal look at the process of trading in property and the huge financial potential that can be derived. It took me many years to learn the "how to" of making money in property but the advice given in this book will immediately benefit anyone who has a desire to engage in the opportunities, be it the beginner or the property professional.'
- Simon Waner, CEO Warner Projects

This book is for contenders.

'This is not a book for spectators. It's for contenders. For those with the courage to get off the sidelines and get in the game. The ball is in play, your number's been called and here are the new rules. Making Money out of Property delivers on its fundamental promise, levelling the playing field with substantial insight, practical advice and knowledge astutely applied. With refreshing candour, Jason flies in the face of tradition, taking on the tried and tested, redefining old maxims and reshaping staid strategies. It's logical, applicable and inspirational - so be prepared to shift your paradigm, or settle for someone else moving your cheese.
You're holding an ace in your hand, and it's time to play ... let the games begin!'
- Michael Mol, Top Billing presenter

Finally we have a book tailored specifically to the South African scenario

'From getting started, to doing the deal, financing your new property and experiencing the labour pains of building and renovation woes, finally we have a book tailored specifically to the South African scenario.'
- Carola Koblitz, The Property Magazine

Great value for money!

'Thank you for writing books that are relevant to the South African market and your website membership is great value for money.'
- Nhlanhla Ndlovu

Excellent guidance

'It is as if the author is sitting right next to you and leading you to being someone.'
- Angelinah Maleka, reader

Absolutely outstanding!

'I would like to take this opportunity to complement you on your book 'Fast Forward your Retirement Through Property' - Absolutely outstanding, it contains so much excellent information in a very easy to understand and concise format. It will be my reference on my journey to financial freedom. Congrats'
- Henry Hayes, reader

My life is getting better because of reading your book.

'What an amazing book you have. I took it out at the Woodstock library and I was the first one and this always excites me...the book was displayed right at the forefront at the entrance when you get in. What I love most about it is that the book is relevant to ones whole life as is. Its not just about investing...or property. But how one should live and lead their life. How one should be positive about everything. How one should plan for their future etc. Im not even in the property game, Im a fashion designer working from home. But I have noted down a few pointers which I plan to look into very soon regarding property.' 'Its very inspiring. My life is getting better because of reading your book.' 'Thanks so much and Im confident it will inspire others too.'
- Lungi Book Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars "Useful"

Useful advise for anyone who wants to invest in property in SA. I certainly learned a couple of new things. It is well written and easy to understand.
by Celeste - Published on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "Fantastic"

I've owned 2 properties in my life and now I shall try own more. Sound advice and it all makes total sense. Follow all Jason's steps and you will NOT fail. Buying this book will one day probably be my best investment EVER.
by Grant Stewart - Published on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "Great Book"

I have to say that just the first chapter changed my life.This is my best book for 2013.A must read.Jason you have out done yourself.Thanks for taking the time an writing it. ITS TO ME A LIFE CHANGING READ.
by Great Book - Published on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "So Informative!"

I highly recommend reading this book!

For a newbie in the property industry - like me, this book was super informative and understandable! I am familiar with property professionals who do not want to give you a lot of information but Jason Lee shares it all.

I feel like I have a step-by-step guide on investing in properties and after reading this book, I feel the most prepared I have ever felt when it comes to investing in my first property.

Thanks Jason!

by Courts - Published on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "Best Property Book"

This book has a wow factor it is a best property book I've ever read. I would suggest it to anybody interested in property investment.
by Nhlanhla Makhanya - Published on Amazon

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