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Drab to fab – Three ways to improve your property value.

The trick to achieving a great selling price is to create a home that someone will fall in love with and want to buy. But you don’t always have to spend a small fortune to make a big impact. Start by seeing what you can renew instead of replace and find low-cost alternatives which give a high-end feel.

  1. Outside areas
South Africans love outdoor entertaining, so an appealing pool and patio area can be a wow factor. Make sure your pool is tip top – repair and clean all mosaics and grouting and get rid of any pool stains. Also ensure that paving is clean and repaired and buy new pool equipment such as leaf catchers, brushes and nets. A few attractive plants in large pots can also add to the overall appeal of an outdoor area.
  1. Kitchens and bathrooms
It’s been said that a kitchen sells a house, but renovating these spaces can be very costly. Rather renew by painting cabinet doors, replacing handles, taps and light fittings. Remove all mouldy grouting and paint the wall tiles to refresh the look. Replacing the toilet seat, re-enamelling the bath and replacing bath and basin plugs is relatively inexpensive and gives an immediate fresh new look.
  1. Curb appeal
First impressions count so make people want to see your property. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint and replace the garage and front door if they’re looking tired.  Keep driveways oil stain free and ensure the garden is neat and well maintained. Cut back any overgrown trees and shrubs and plant some pretty flowers to add colour.

A few simple inexpensive changes can make the world of difference. Spend wisely and tally up the profits. Every rand you save on revamping, is an extra rand in your pocket.
Jason’s comments:
I have had great results adding a jacuzzi to a property. It definitely adds more value than it costs to buy and install. It immediately gives every property an upmarket feeling.

On bathroom renos one of my favourite touches is to convert a single ensuite shower into a double shower. I.e., one large shower with two faucets. Every buyer likes a double vanity in the ensuite, but a double vanity and a double shower will separate your property from every other property on the market.

I have often said that paint is the most magical product ever invented. By simply changing the paint colour or adding paint effects with contrasting colours you can add enormous value to a property at a relatively minor cost.